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The Nature of Masculinity


Freeport Art Museum

May 27th - August 6th 2016

Opening reception: May 27th  5-8 pm


Curated by Lisa Janes,  Tommy J. Reyes and W. Tanner Young


Artists: Mariah Karson, Antonio J. Martinez, Chad States, Tara Bogart,

and Adam Holtzman


Media plays a major role in the construction of masculinity, it has become an instructional guide on how society consumes and constructs gender identity. Once considered a one-­‐dimensional concept, masculinity has become consumable through images just as the female form is commodified in art and advertising, so is the male body. With the increasing acceptance of queer identity within mainstream culture, the definition of masculinity is ever-­changing.  Gender identity is no longer a simple    construction. Instead, masculinity has become a fluid concept, allowing attraction, lust, sexuality, and orientation to become subjective and malleable as individuals begin to construct gender identity for themselves. This exhibition critically examines stereotypes and offers a modern understanding of gender construction, through the photographic medium.


Freeport Art Museum

121 North Harlem, Freeport, IL 61032

© Mariah Karson